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Change a Life as a Foster Parent

Updated: Mar 18

Bryce's parents struggled with addiction and mental health challenges, making it hard for them to provide Bryce and his three siblings with housing, food, and basic necessities. As a result, Bryce has spent much of his childhood in foster care. 


Being in a safe and nurturing foster home has allowed Bryce to flourish.

Teen boy and foster mom hugging
Teen and foster mom hugging


"Bryce is persistent, determined, and an impressive advocate for himself," said CCC staff. "His foster family will remain a support to him into his adulthood and will be supporting and cheering him on through every step. We are so proud of him and consider it a privilege to have a role in supporting such an extraordinary young man. As he has already demonstrated, he will accomplish whatever he sets out to do in life." 

If you're ready to take the leap, the next step is a virtual info session with a foster parent specialist. 

Learn how you can change a life as a foster parent.

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