Our Mission

We provide quality compassionate human services to all people, especially the most vulnerable, regardless of faith. 

Our Vision

We envision a world without poverty where people of all races and faith are treated with respect, and all are inspired to serve.

Our Shared Values 

Faith - We are a faith-based organization rooted in scriptures and Catholic social teaching. 

Dignity of human life-We respect the dignity of human life at every stage. 

Family - We support and nurture families of all faiths. 

Diversity-We recognize and appreciate our own differences and those of the people we serve. 

Community - We partner with other organizations to serve community needs. 

Accessibility - We strive to make services known and available to all. 


Commonwealth Catholic Charities

Board of Directors

Rev. Shay W. Auerbach, S.J. 

Colleen Berry

Joseph Boisineau

Gerald Brittle

Damien Cabezas

Francis H. (Chip) Casola

Sharon M. Dajon

James J. DePasquale

Randal (Randy) J. Gatzke

Daniel Hand

Patrick F. Heinen

Mary Margaret Kastelberg

Michael Kelleher

Tulinh Le

Nikola (Nick) Lucas

Charles (Chuck) G.Marlowe

Kathleen M. McCauley

Michael Metzger

Monica B. Molony

Kathleen (Kathy) Mortensen

Kelly J. Mortensen

Francis Nelson, Jr.

Sean M. Prince

Cliona Mary Robb

Ernesto V. Sampson

Susan Schneider

Paul Sinclair

Kelly Stuart

David Whitehead 

Jay Brown

Commonwealth Human Services Foundation Board of Directors

Carey Bliley 

Robert C. Courain, Jr.

Evan Lamont Curbeam

John G. Dane 

Lloyd C. Dunnavant

Jeffrey M. Gill

Ellen Gortler

Michael T. Hadank

Louise Hartz

Scott Horchler 

Mallory McCune

Kathleen (Kathy)  Mortensen 

J. Kevin Muldowney                 

Samuel Patterson, III 

Brenda Poggendorf

John Puccinelli    

Cliona Mary Robb   

Christine N. Thomas

Dianne Thompson 

Housing Corporation

Board of Directors

Rosann Bocciarelli

Joseph Boisineau

James P. Carreras

Jim DePasquale

Scott Horchler

Ronald A. Reger

Paul Sinclair

Lucia Anna (Pia) Trigiani

Jay Brown

Chris Yenson

Commonwealth Catholic Charities

1601 Rolling Hills Drive | Richmond, VA 23229 | 804.285.5900

Locations in  Charlottesville, Newport News, Norfolk, Norton, Petersburg, Richmond, and Roanoke

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Commonwealth Catholic Charities is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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