Children are placed in foster care for a number of reasons. Whatever the reason, the underlying needs are the same—a home where each child can be supported, guided, and accepted. Foster parenting is a special calling. We understand the dedication and commitment that it takes to parent children from difficult backgrounds and challenging needs. Our staff goes out of the way to make sure that foster parents are supported in order for them to be the kind of caregivers that the children need them to be. 

Commonwealth Catholic Charities provides foster care services in Richmond, Roanoke, and Norton

Foster Care


Foster Care

Our Treatment Foster Care program provides specialized training and support to foster families who are caring for children and adolescents with a wide variety of complex emotional and behavioral needs, often the result of significant trauma. The program emphasizes the positive aspects of a nurturing and therapeutic family environment in combination with active and structured treatment. 


Refugee Minors 

CCC provides foster care to refugee children who have fled their homes because of war, persecution, or other dangerous living situations. Typically, these children—settled through the United Nations—arrive in the United States without their parents. The children are placed in a foster home where they are supported and cared for as they adjust to their new lives in the U.S.

Foster Parent Resources

Preparing your family and your home

Becoming a foster parent means becoming part of a treatment team for the child in your care. CCC will provide ongoing support and guidance as you prepare to foster and throughout your fostering journey. We will help you prepare your home, and learn about expectations, rules, and regulations. We believe that by working as a team, fostering will be a positive experience for everyone. 

The information below can help you as you explore the idea of becoming a foster parent.  

Foster Parent Requirements

To be eligible to be a foster parent you must be: 

  • at least 25-years-old

  • willing to commit time to a child

  • able to provide a clean, safe home with room for a child

  • financially stable 

  • emotionally stable 

  • willing to work as part of a team for the child's best interest

*As a Catholic agency, our services are limited to married couples who meet the church definition of marriage or single, non-cohabitating adults. 

Foster Parent FAQs

Becoming a foster parent is a big decision. Naturally, you've got questions. We're here to help answer them!

Fostering a child is a decision that will impact every member of your family. That's why it's important to talk to your kids and involve them in the decision-making process. Listen to their thoughts and ideas and discuss how fostering will change their day-to-day lives. Topics to discuss with your kids are the situations that lead children to foster homes, potential behavioral problems, and time frames for placement. Also be sure to reassure your kids that you are responsible for everyone's well-being and that you will continue to provide them with a safe, loving environment.

Is Fostering Right for your Family?

Becoming a Foster Parent

  • Orientation - learn what it means to foster a child and work with CCC

  • Application - complete the application and paperwork

  • Training - learn about common issues you may experience as a foster parent and about CCC's treatment model 

  • Mutual Assessment - Decide if our program is the best fit for you and your family

  • Licensing & Approval - continue paperwork 

Foster Parent Application

If you're considering becoming a foster parent, please complete the application and a foster care specialist will contact you.

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