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Donating Food to Charity

Better Together

Parish, Faith-based, School, and Community Partners

Community collaboration enables CCC to provide the life-changing programs and services that those in our community rely on. We value the support that drives our mission. 

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July Announcements

Featured Stories from the News

Sona Rahmani, 26, was an English teacher in Afghanistan. She fled her county in the fall o

A message for fellow refugees: 'Don't Give Up'

Roanoke Times

Students express faith and hope through art

Catholic Virginian


Are You 21 - 35 years Old?

We are starting a Young Professionals Panel (YPP). Let us know of your interest!


School Supplies Needed

Help us send children in our foster care and refugee programs back to school ready to learn!

Consider having a CCC representative at your next Sunday Mass!

Commonwealth Catholic Charites has many wonderful programs that your parish community can learn more about and get involved in!

Foster Care and Adoption workers standing at a table

Thinking about organizing a drive?

Reach out to the community contact for your region. 

Meeting of Hispanic Pastors with Virginia Housing 

Fairfax, VA

Our friends at Virginia Housing invite you to this special meeting in Fairfax, VA 

Ways to Help

Fists in Solidarity

Richmond & Central Virginia


  • School Supplies for Foster Care and Refugee Programs


  • Dibert Food Pantry Volunteers

  • Baby Clothes Closet Volunteer

Foster parents needed through out Richmond. Learn how you can change a child's life forever. 

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Roanoke & Southwest Virginia


  • School Supplies for Foster Care and Refugee Programs


  • Refugee resettlement youth mentors.

Foster parents needed through out Southwest Virginia. Learn how you can change a child's life forever. 

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Tidewater Virginia


  • School Supplies for Refugee Program


  • Youth and family mentors to help with cultural orientation and mentoring refugee youth 

Refugee Resettlement Fresh Start Kits

Last Updated: 6/27/2024

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Upcoming Events

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Vatican names St. Andrew, Roanoke, a minor basilica

In 1882, about two dozen Catholics in Big Lick, soon to be called Roanoke, celebrated Mass in a repainted railroad car. By 1902, the faithful could worship in a yellow brick Gothic Revival church named for St. Andrew.

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CCC art show highlights clients' work, new collection 

When Nazira Mohammadi arrived in the United States from Afghanistan at the age of 17, she had never seen seashells. When she picked one up for the first time, the aspiring artist couldn’t help but admire its natural beauty.

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How to use mindfulness to strengthen relationships

Mindfulness in simple terms is the ability to become aware of our thoughts, behaviors and emotions in the present moment without judgement and without an immediate reaction.

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