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A Family of his own

While Justin and Maike Doty were in China to adopt their daughter, an unexpected thing happened...a little boy captured their hearts too. They learned that this 12-year-old boy, Joseph, had lived his entire life in an orphanage. Joseph also had a terminal heart condition and was not expected to live much longer.

Justin and Maike hated the idea that he would die without ever being part of a family. They decided that they would be his family.

The Dotys connected with CCC Pregnancy Counselor and Adoption Case Worker, Tami Hudson, to begin the adoption process. One year later, Justin boarded a plane back to China to bring Joseph home.

For the first time in his life, Joseph was now part of a family—in an instant he became a son, a brother, a grandson, and a nephew.

Joseph experienced all of his “firsts” with his new family. He met his hero, Spiderman while visiting Disney World, he played in the sand and the waves at the ocean, and he celebrated his 14th birthday with his family–the first birthday he had ever celebrated.

While Joseph’s life was full of love, his heart condition continued to worsen. After only a few months with his new family, Joseph passed away quietly and peacefully in the arms of his mother.

"All Joseph ever wanted was to belong to a family. In the end, that’s exactly what he got," said Hudson. "It was my pleasure to advocate on this family's behalf. To be a small part of a masterpiece of a plan is humbling."

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