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Home with a Forever Family

Why adopt a child from another country when there are so many children in the U.S. who need homes?

Acquaintances often ask this question of families considering international adoption. It’s a valid question but the reality is that all adoption experiences are different. Each one is rich and peppered with details showing God’s hand molding and crafting each child to be placed with their forever family. Each family bringing home the child they longed for, prayed for, and fought for.

Little Guy's Forever Family

Little Guy, as he’s lovingly called, is currently in a Chinese orphanage waiting for his forever family with Billy and Laura Marshall.

Little Guy faces numerous health challenges. To look at him, you would guess he is around nine-months-old but he is actually three-years-old. He was born with Down Syndrome and also has a mysterious illness that is delaying his development.

Recently, the International Adoption Medical Specialist working for an expedited adoption asked if, knowing how sick Little Guy is and how hopeless his situation seems, would anything sway the Marshall's decision to adopt him?

“No,” they both responded, knowing the uphill climb they face.

So why would any family put themselves through that? Remember, no adoption is the same. Not just anyone would run to China (or any country, or even across their own street) to scoop up a sick little boy who may only live a few years. The decision to adopt is a calling. Adoption is hard. Let me say that again. Adoption. Is. Hard. It’s emotional. It hurts. It pushes you to tears. But it's also amazing and beautiful. It makes you stronger. It fulfills a dream. Little Guy needs a family who is called to scoop him up. Billy and Laura are that family. God has called them to provide one thing to Little Guy: a forever family. Everything else, God will do. God will decide how long Little Guy will be here on Earth. Billy and Laura will make sure his time here is the most amazing it can be. Billy and Laura will cart him from one doctor after another because he's their Little Guy, chosen, worthy, and loved.

Adoption. Is. Hard. It's an on-going, never-ending emotional roller coaster ride for the Marshalls. They’re up for it. Why? Because they know that Little Guy deserves what every human being deserves: a chance.

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