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Joy to the World

An Adoption Story

by Donna Banks, CCC Pregnancy Counselor & Adoption Case Worker

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Amy and Jay, whose adoption story spans 20 years and several continents, for three of their four adoptions. They are one of the most open-hearted and sincere families that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

When Joy, their youngest child, came into their lives, Jay and Amy had no plans for more children. In fact, they were actually still in the process of adopting their third child. But when they heard about Joy, who had been abandoned in China as a baby, she instantly captured their hearts. They learned that not only did Joy need a family to love her, but she also needed significant specialized medical care. Doctors told Amy and Jay that Joy would need a liver transplant and heart surgery and were unsure if she would be strong enough to travel to the U.S. But Amy and Jay were undeterred.

Now, 16 months later, this very special little girl is loving life with her new family. Amy and Jay were thrilled to learn that the heart surgery would not be necessary after all. Even so, Joy still faces many health hurdles, including a liver transplant in the near future, but they never seem to stop her from playing, eating anything and everything, loving her family, and attending pre-school.

Amy, Jay, and Joy can all attest to the fact that adoption is a journey. Sometimes that journey takes you to places you never thought you would go but, with an open heart and mind, life can change in the best way possible!

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