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Life's Unexpected Journey An Adoption Story

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Like all newlyweds, when Kelsey and James married, they didn’t know what their journey together would hold. They faced the normal ups and downs of life together and, in time, became parents to two beautiful children, Ethan and Maura.

Their daughter, Maura, now 4, was born with cerebral palsy.

Following Maura's birth, the doctors told Kelsey and James that the trauma to Kelsey’s body from the delivery meant no more children.

Dreaming of a larger family, they began looking into adoption. In 2016, they met with a CCC adoption case worker.

“We asked her 101 questions about the process of adoption,” said Kelsey. “We prayed through it and talked to others who had adopted, and then officially submitted our application to CCC in January 2017.”

Several months later, in August, their home study was complete and they were officially ready to adopt. In an unusually fast turn of events, only 12 days later they learned they had been chosen by a birth mom who was pregnant with a baby boy and due in January 2018.

“It was crazy how fast it happened,” said Kelsey. “We really didn’t think we would be matched so quickly. We were able to spend the next four months getting to know our birth mom and preparing for our baby.”

Three weeks before his due date, they got the call that their baby was on his way.

“We hopped on an airplane and were able to be a part of the

entire labor and delivery of our little man. When he was born, the doctors handed him to me. I even cut the cord,” said Kelsey. "Things may not have gone quite how we would have planned but the journey has strengthened us and taught us to love deeper. We are filled with joy when we look in the faces of each of our beautiful children."

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