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A Little Boy's Burden Is Lightened

At just six years old, Jack carried a very heavy burden.

Jack’s father was incarcerated, his mother struggled with substance abuse and mental

health, and his grandmother, who battled alcoholism, was physically and emotionally

abusive. Jack was often left alone to care for himself and his two-year-old half-brother with significant developmental delays. Jack constantly worried about having enough food and about his mother’s safety. Jack believed that he wasn’t smart and that he was causing his mother’s struggles.

For the past two years, he and his half-brother have been living with a kind and loving foster family. Today, Jack’s heavy burden has lightened.

“He has made great strides in all areas of his life and is learning to be a kid again,” said

Lydia Strawbridge, CCC’s Roanoke area foster care program manager.

Jack’s father has also been making great progress. He was released from jail over a year

ago and has been working diligently, along with his fiancé, to obtain custody of Jack. Both he and his fiancé are being mentored by Jack’s foster parents and have developed a strong connection.

“He will be going home to live with his father this fall and is very excited about it,” said

Lydia. “And, his foster parents will be adopting his younger brother. Having two different endings that match each brother’s unique needs is so special. It shows the positive impact that a supportive relationship between CCC, the foster family, and the birth family has for children.”

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