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A Chance to Learn

Esperanza is 16-years-old. She is quick to laugh and loves music.

Growing up in a family experiencing poverty, Esperanza's opportunities were limited.

Instead of attending school, she helped to support her parents and siblings. Although she is bright, she had never been taught the alphabet or how to read or write.

When she entered CCC's care this spring, Esperanza worked one-on-one with staff to develop her skills and make up for lost time.

In just a few short weeks she made incredible progress, learning the alphabet in English and Spanish and writing letters, numbers, and simple words. Along with these important new skills, she became more confident in herself and what she could accomplish.

"I can't believe how much she has learned," said CCC ESL Teacher, Amelia. "Esperanza is so much more confident now. It is truly remarkable and I feel honored to have been a part of her growth."

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