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Support for the Unsheltered in Hopewell

On a chilly morning this spring, Supportive Housing Supervisor, KeKe Cody, attended a breakfast for unsheltered individuals in the Hopewell area. The event was coordinated by CCC in partnership with The Beacon Hill Church.


“We wanted to do something that would get people closer to their goal of long-term housing,” said KeKe. 


Dozens of people attended the event, most stopping to talk with KeKe to learn about resources and assistance options. 


“I did seven intakes, ordered one ID card and three birth certificates, started five applications for senior and/or supportive housing, completed one Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) application, two Medicaid applications, initiated one long-term substance abuse recovery program application, and referred many to other emergency shelter options," said KeKe. "I was also able to set up an Uber for one of the clients to get to a job interview and found out later that he got the job!”


Portrait of woman wearing CCC shirt
Supportive Housing Supervisor, KeKe Cody

Following this flurry of activity, KeKe continued working with her new connections, completing another ID card application, following up with one individual to find out why his driver's license request was delayed, and checking back on the housing and substance abuse applications. 


John, who attended the breakfast and had been staying in a shelter, cried tears of joy while telling his caseworker about how KeKe helped him request a new state ID, new birth certificate, and enrolled him in SNAP and Medicaid benefits.


On April 7, KeKe was recognized as an honoree for the “Service to Others Award” by Women of Endurance, a nonprofit organization that helps single mothers eliminate barriers to self-sufficiency and success.


“KeKe embodies the true spirit of outreach—compassionately serving individuals who are not able to navigate on their own, and lending hope to those who have given up," said Christine Elwell, Director of Supportive Housing & Homeless Services. “She is a linchpin in our community, and we are incredibly proud that she has been recognized in this way.”


Congratulations, KeKe! 

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