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Housing Surge Success

A Housing Surge is a rapid homelessness-to-housed initiative.

In September 2023, CCC and partner agencies in the Greater Richmond area teamed up for a housing surge. The goal? To connect 50 households to permanent housing by year end.   


As of mid-February, the numbers show that the surge was a success, with more than 100 households now in permanent housing.  


“This surge allowed us to connect many of our long-time street outreach clients to permanent supportive housing programs that provide a lifetime rental subsidy and wraparound supportive services,” said Carson Cuppett, Homeless Services Program Supervisor.  


Building with colorful mural
CCC's Housing Resource Center & Youth Hub

During the surge, CCC’s Housing Resource Center street outreach team and the Youth Hub street outreach team were responsible for housing 31 of the 100 households—more than any other homeless services provider. Since December, CCC's street outreach teams have continued working with connections made during the surge, bringing the total to 56 households now safely housed. 

“This was an incredibly exciting accomplishment, but also a very heavy lift for our teams due to this population’s complex care needs and daily emergencies on the street. Our teams worked tirelessly, and I’m amazed by what they accomplished,” said Cuppett. 


Ways you can help those who are unsheltered


Did you know CCC also provides Permanent Supportive Housing in Roanoke?

You can help welcome individuals as they make a fresh start in their new homes.

Learn about homelessness in Greater Richmond

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