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Hope for a Future

As an English-speaker who had previously worked with the United States government in Afghanistan, Aria was hopeful about her prospects upon arriving in the U.S. as a refugee. She was optimistic that she'd quickly find a good job and settle into her new life. However, she discovered that even with her skills and background, finding a job in a new country is difficult.

"Many refugees arrive in the U.S. with career backgrounds. They speak English, have college degrees, and business experience," said CCC Employment Specialist Caroline Zong. "Unfortunately, that doesn't always translate into immediate, or even adequate, employment. But that's why we are here―to help; to give hope."

Despite the difficulties, Aria didn't give up. Instead, she turned to CCC's Refugee Resettlement team who had previously helped her resettle in the United States. Through the whole process she remained positive.

“If we are happy or sad, crying or laughing, thinking positively or negatively, time still moves on so why not work to laugh,” said Aria. “We should try to be an example for others by being happy and thinking positively about life’s situations.”

There’s no doubt that her positive attitude and perseverance led to a job that she loves.

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