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Hope and a Home

Janna lives with her adult son, Cody. Both she and Cody have significant health problems and are at high risk of contracting COVID-19. Cody also struggles with mental health issues.

For the past eight years, Janna and Cody and their two elderly dogs have lived in a dilapidated building that had been turned into make-shift apartments. The ramshackle building had no running water and did not meet any safety or building codes.

In April, after months of working with Janna and Cody, a CCC housing caseworker helped the family move into a renovated, three-bedroom house with a kind and responsible landlord. In addition to the improved living conditions, Janna and Cody now qualify for a housing subsidy.

“We’ve never had a place this nice before,” said Janna who now enjoys the views of the residential neighborhood, rather than dirt and noise of the commercial area they lived in before.

“This is the first time that anyone, anywhere has helped me,” said Janna. “You all made my dreams come true. You changed our lives.”

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