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Happy in a New Home

Perry is 63-years-old and does odd jobs for several local restaurants. Perry has been experiencing chronic homelessness since 2019. When Perry first met CCC’s Mike Lynn, he was living outside but he knew that he needed to find a warm apartment before winter.

“Perry describes himself as persistent,” said Mike. “That persistence kept him focused on working with our team and actively participating in his housing plan to overcome the obstacles that were keeping him from finding a home.”

“I wanted to find a nice studio apartment before it got cold,” said Perry.

A goal that CCC’s team helped him achieve. Together they talked to landlords and worked to get his ID cards and social services.

Perry credits the CCC team with helping him find and move into a place of his own just before the bitter winter arrived.

“It was a strength to have the best people around to help me,” he said. “You believed in me.”
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