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CCC's Response to Coronavirus

In response to the rapid spread of COVID-19 across Virginia, the United States, and the world, Commonwealth Catholic Charities (CCC) is ensuring its continued commitment to the children, individuals, and families who are in our care and depend on our services.

We are adjusting our operations to adhere to the guidance of the CDC, the Church, and the Virginia Department of Health, and will continue to monitor the recommendations of our federal and state regulatory agencies so that we provide the most accurate and up-to-date information to the people and the communities we serve, as well as our dedicated staff and volunteers.

As a Catholic organization we remember that we are completely reliant on the mercy of God. We recognize that we are a part of the healing ministry of Christ’s Church and have a special responsibility to remain available to the poor and vulnerable across the Diocese. We join with His Excellency, Bishop Knestout, in prayer for the protection of our Diocese.

We will provide updates as the situation changes across the Diocese.

  • All offices remain open, although many staff are working remotely.

  • Some office locations are restricting the number of staff allowed in the facility. Telework and flex schedules are being permitted to ensure continuity of operations.

  • The Housing Resource Center and Youth Hub (809 Oliver Hill Way, Richmond) lobby are open to individuals experiencing homeless to come inside and use restroom facilities.

  • Home visits and in person office visits are being suspended and replaced with telephone/video conferences with few exceptions:

  • Foster Care: staff continue to make home visits with consent of foster parents. When possible, home visits take place outdoors (e.g. front porch/yard) and appropriate social distance is maintained.

  • Refugee Resettlement: New refugee arrivals have been suspended. Staff continue to be available to current refugee clients, home visits take place outdoors (e.g. front porch/yard) and appropriate social distance is maintained.

  • Guardianship: monthly in-person visits continue, unless the residential facilities are closed to visitors, in which case telephone contact replaces the in-home visit.

  • Developmental Disabilities Waiver: monthly in-home visits have been replaced by telephone conferences. Quarterly visits continue at the discretion of the head of household/family.

  • Supportive Housing: only essential contact to ensure the continued payment of rental subsidies are conducted in person.

  • Counseling groups and educational classes (English as a second language, financial education, credit builders, etc.) have been suspended.

  • Individuals enrolled in the Independence for Seniors Program continue to receive limited food supplies; in-home caregiver relief has been suspended.

  • The Dibert (Richmond) and St. Francis House (Roanoke) Food Pantries have adopted a drive-through/curbside delivery model until further notice.

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nick smith
nick smith
Dec 08, 2023

Nice post

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