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Building A Healthy Relationship

While in jail, Eric decided that he wanted his life to be different when he was released. He wanted a healthy and loving relationship with his partner. No more fights. No more angry shouting and threats.

After his release, Eric enrolled in CCC's Healthy Relationship Program. This 24-week group counseling program teaches the consequences of abusive actions and helps individuals learn to handle conflicts in a healthy, productive way.

Near the end of the 24 weeks, Eric shared how he had handled a recent disagreement with his partner. He described his frustration during the argument but also how he had used the tools from the program to listen to his partner and understand her point of view. He remained open and honest about his feelings while respecting her feelings and opinions.

"I could see his pride when he talked about this experience during the group meeting," said Eric's counselor. "Change is hard but Eric’s willingness to practice using the tools and techniques we discussed in group show his willingness to change and to take accountability for his own actions. Changing his beliefs and behaviors is key to building the kind of successful and caring relationship he wants to have."

Call 804.545.5907 to speak to our counseling department and learn more about the Healthy Relationship Program.

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