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A Journey Towards Home

Claire Finch, homeless services caseworker, first met Danielle at a wooded encampment in Richmond in September 2021. At that time, Danielle was seven months pregnant and had temporary custody of her two nieces. After losing her income during the pandemic, Danielle’s family had been bouncing between the encampment and short-term hotel stays for several months.

Claire connected Danielle to the emergency COVID-19 shelter that CCC managed. With Danielle’s most urgent need addressed, they could begin to tackle the family’s other needs.

Together, they enrolled Danielle's nieces in school, which in turn connected them to additional services like transportation and counseling. They also began the process of obtaining photo identification and birth certificates and connected Danielle with prenatal care and ongoing behavioral health support.

In December, when Danielle gave birth, she and Claire identified other supports to continue working toward permanent housing.

“Danielle is a great advocate for her family and she remained optimistic throughout the entire process until she was finally approved for an apartment this past fall,” Claire said.

Shortly before Christmas, Claire visited Danielle who proudly showed her the new apartment.

“She was thrilled to have a bedroom of her own and another bedroom for her baby. I am relieved and grateful that I could work with Danielle and assist her family.”

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