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A Home of His Own

Scott, who is 59-years-old and has an acute mental illness, had been sleeping in an

abandoned car junk yard for several months when he met CCC outreach worker, Ashli Hill.

Ashli helped Scott complete paperwork for permanent supportive housing,

which provides long-term rental assistance for individuals with a disability.

“As we waited for his name to be selected for housing, we met consistently for check-ins and updates,” said Hill. “We worked hard to ensure Scott’s success by completing a budget to determine how to offset some of his costs, and we applied for SNAP food benefits.”

During that time, Scott also began working odd jobs and increased his income.

Finally, after many months of waiting, Scott was selected to receive permanent supportive housing and in April he was finally able to move into his own apartment.

This story was featured in our Summer 2022 Chronicle.

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