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A Home of His Own

Updated: Mar 13

Brendan enjoys his job, going to church, and visiting restaurants. He also has autism which makes certain aspects of his life more difficult.

Ten years ago, Brendan began working with a CCC case manager for help navigating and receiving services through the state of Virginia's Developmental Disabilities Waiver Program. The program provides a variety of services such as mentorship, in-home support, and coaching to help those with developmental disabilities to live more independently.

Recently, after 38 years of living with his mother, Brendan decided he would like to live on his own. His CCC case manager worked to secure a housing voucher for him so that he could afford his own apartment. Together, they found a newly-renovated apartment in walking distance to shops and restaurants that he enjoys. Brendan's case manager helped him move into his apartment and continues to monitor his health and safety. His case manager also connected him with a variety of additional community support services.

"Brendan is thankful to be independent and living on his own," said Josie Williams, CCC Program Manager for Aging & Disability Services. "It can be incredibly humbling to play a role in helping someone discover independence and self-sufficiency."

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