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A Bright Future

Sayyid, his parents, and three siblings arrived in the United States from Afghanistan in 2017. At the time, he was 14-years-old. CCC assisted Sayyid’s family as they navigated life in the United States and helped to enroll the children in school. Sayyid especially enjoys school and has big plans following graduation, hoping to one day start his own business.

To help him reach his goals, a CCC community volunteer is mentoring him. Together, they explore ideas and research ways to start a business. Sayyid also received a laptop and subscription to online training programs.

Sayyid has become involved in the community by volunteering in neighborhood clean-up projects and as an interpreter for CCC.

While he continues to build the framework for his long-term dreams, Sayyid is also planning for his immediate future. His biggest goal right now is to become a U.S. citizen and join the military.

“Sayyid is outgoing, quick to take on new adventures, and loves America,” said CCC case worker Fawzia. “I know that he has a very bright future ahead of him.”

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