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Senior Services

CCC's senior services improve the quality of life for seniors by encouraging personal relationships, decreased social isolation, stress reduction, and good nutrition. 

Call Reassurance

CCC's Call Reassurance program is designed for seniors and those with disabilities who are lonely or isolated, who have limited mobility, and limited social support. 

CCC volunteers make weekly or biweekly calls to individuals in the program, giving them a much-needed personal connection and a listening ear. The program also promotes cognitive health through a lending library with books, magazines, adult coloring pages, and word search puzzles. 

Call Reassurance

Care Coordination

Care Coordination supports individuals and families by managing and organizing daily tasks and care through a comprehensive, person-centered care plan. The Care Coordinator works with doctors, family, and other community providers to ensure that needed services are provided. 

Care coordinators can assist with: 

  • Routine visits

  • Care monitoring and communication with family and other care team members 

  • Service coordination  

  • Routine communication with family and other care team members 

  • Participation in medical appointments and follow up after medical appointments to advocate on behalf of the individual 

  • Residential transition assistance 

  • Bill pay and budgeting services 

CCC provides different payment options. Speak to a coordinator to learn more.

Elder woman and her caretaker
Care Coordintion
Elderly woman and her daughter hug

Caregiver Relief

CCC’s Caregiver Relief program improves caregiver mental health and well-being by giving breaks to stressed family members who care for their loved ones at home. Caregiving often leads to caregivers neglecting their own needs to provide for their loved ones. CCC trains and matches volunteers one-on-one with a family to provide a few hours rest for the caregiver and increased socialization for those receiving care

Caregiver Relief

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