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Post adoption Services

Adoption Home Studies

An adoption home study is the second step in your adoption journey, following the adoption orientation. Every adoption journey in Virginia, and in fact, in all states, requires a home study. The home study is performed by a trained social worker and includes collecting required documentation, a home visit, individual interviews, and a home inspection. 

Mother Playing with Baby
"My husband and I used Commonwealth Catholic Charities for two international adoptions. Our case worker did our home studies. She was wonderful to work with, and everything happened in such a timely manner. We still communicate with her years after our adoptions were completed, and we know she would be there is we needed her. We felt heard and supported."

- Kathryn & Jason 

What to expect from a home study

Home studies may vary by agency but generally you can expect your home study will include the following: 

  • Interview(s) with a caseworker

  • Background checks

  • Income and health coverage statements

  • Physical exam 

  • Education and employment

  • References

  • Relationships and social life

  • Daily life routines

  • Parenting experience/philosophy/approach

  • Reasons for adoption


Your home study will take approximately three to four months to complete. 

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