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Adopting a child with CCC 

 For 100 years, CCC has been a community resource for those who are growing their family through adoption.

"We are so happy to have gone through CCC for our placement and adoption! Aside from all the wonderful attributes CCC gives to the community, our case worker was fantastic! Every time we met with her we left feeling a lot better about the process."

- Belle & Eric 

What are the steps to an adoption? 


Attend an adoption orientation

Learn about adoption, about CCC, ask questions and get answers. 


Complete required paperwork

State law requires background checks, medical screenings, financial information, etc.


Ready for placement opportunities

With the previous steps completed, you are now ready to receive a child into your family.



After your child is placed with you, a caseworker will continue to visit you and provide support. 


Complete a home study

State law requires a home study where you are assessed as a prospective adoptive parent.


Prepare adoptive family profile

Your profile tells birth moms considering placing their child for adoption about you.


Complete the adoption process

The adoption process can now proceed with a child placement.


Legal finalization

Legal paperwork is filed to finalize the adoption.

Wherever you are in your journey,

we are here to help.  

The adoption journey can seem overwhelming but you are certainly not alone through the process. Take a look at some of the questions that we are frequently asked. 

Post adoption Services
Family Moments

Post-adoption Services

Post-adoption services are free basic, enhanced, and intensive post-adoption services. They are available to families who have adopted from foster care, internationally, or domestically in the Piedmont and Western regions of Virginia. Families are eligible for services until their child turns 18.

Post-adoption services include: 

  • Resources and referrals

  • Education, training, and support

  • Parent and youth discussion groups

  • Community building, activities, and events (in-person and virtual)

  • 24/7 crisis support

  • Planned respite

These services are offered in collaboration with DePaul Community Resources. To learn more, refer a family, or to participate in the program, complete the application through the partner link below. 



If this is an emergency, please call 855.554.5240.

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