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Home Sweet Home

When Robin's lease expired during the pandemic, she turned to CCC for help.

"Finding housing has been extremely challenging because of the pandemic,"

said Jennifer Levine, supportive housing & homeless services director.

"Leasing offices closed, some landlords didn’t want to work with our master-lease

program, and there is already a shortage of affordable and safe housing in the area."

Robin was in poor health and, with her current lease ending, she needed to find

something quickly.

"I scoured the city and at the last minute found Robin a place," said CCC Outreach Worker Shirley Brown.

CCC Outreach Worker, Shirley Brown

That solved one problem, but with Robin's moving day quickly approaching, she had no resources or people to help her. Shirley stepped in again, arranging for a moving truck and volunteers. Together they helped Robin finish packing and moved her into her new place.

Since the move, Shirley continues to check in with Robin several times a month.

"Robin loves the place and is so grateful for the assistance," said Shirley. "If my client is pleased, so am I!"

This story was originally published in the fall issue of Chronicle

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