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Focusing on Forward

Just before the holidays, Allison and her two small children were without a home and living in a hotel.

"Despite her circumstances, Allison has always focused on providing for her family, doing her very best to care for her children,” said Victoria Harris, financial counseling program supervisor. “Allison knew it was okay to ask for help. Asking for help can be hard and she took a chance and reached out.”

Allison had heard about a program called Hotels to Home, a partnership between CCC and Henrico County, that works to reduce long-term hotel stays; she recognized this as an opportunity to improve her situation.

After receiving Allison's phone call, CCC connected with the hotel staff to create a plan.

CCC used emergency funds to settle the arrears on Allison's hotel room. With that debt relieved, Allison was able to meet her payments going forward and could focus on creating a long-term stable housing plan for herself and her children.

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