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Housing & Financial Counseling 

At Commonwealth Catholic Charities, we believe that every individual and family can attain financial success given the right tools, information, and guidance. Whether trying to improve credit scores, create a workable budget, purchase a home, or avoid foreclosures, CCC's HUD-certified financial and housing counselors can help develop a plan to achieve financial goals through one-on-one counseling, classes, and workshops. 


Financial freedom starts today.

CCC’s Housing and Financial Counseling program offers financial education and direct financial assistance to address critical short-term needs while developing action plans for long-term financial security and success.

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Personal Financial Management

Through personal financial management education, participants develop sustainable spending plans based on household income, incorporating current needs and future financial goals.

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Credit Counseling

Personalized credit counseling  helps individuals improve and maintain healthy credit and understand credit reports and credit scores. 

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Fair Housing

CCC's certified counselors can explain fair housing rights, improve individual understanding of rights, provide advocacy, and work with state and local resources to promote fair housing enforcement.


Rental Counseling

Through rental counseling individuals can learn how to become a successful renter and better meet their long-term financial goals. 

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Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available to those who are facing difficulties making rental, mortgage, or utility payments and who meet program criteria . Speak to a counselor for program criteria.

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Homeowner Services

CCC's homebuyer services help homeowners understand home maintenance, financial management, and how to navigate refinance options to avoid foreclosure.


Foreclosure Prevention & Mortgage Delinquency 

Counselors help individuals communicate with mortgage lenders, explore loss mitigation options, look at ways to retain their home, or create a strategy to exit the situation.


Homebuyer Services

Homebuyer services promote homeownership opportunities, equitable access to credit for purchase and improvements, and


Financia Assistance

Housing & Financial Counseling Intake

Make an appointment to learn about financial resources

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