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Mack & Katie

Hello and thank you for taking an interest in our family. We know you have a lot of choices before you and admire your decision to place your child for adoption. We are open to as much communication as you deem fit for your child as we see the birth parents can be an important part of the child’s life. We will love and cherish a relationship with you (if you so desire) as much as our adoptive child. We have been married for 7 years and early on while dating we both agreed that we would love to adopt children in the future. We currently reside in a safe and diverse neighborhood with tons of children and activities in the Richmond, Virginia area.

Katie is a caring and intelligent woman who currently works as a pediatric nurse practitioner. She grew up babysitting and loving children, which led her down the path of working in pediatric healthcare. Katie enjoys giving and doing things for others. She has volunteered over the years for multiple different organizations, including a local health clinic, Muscular Dystrophy Association and Salvation Army. If she is not hosting a get together at our house or traveling, she likes to spend time baking, working on art and craft projects or puzzles, running races (she has ran 5 marathons!) and decorating the house for all holidays and seasons!

Mack is a fun-loving jokester who currently works as an ICU nurse. He has also worked in pediatrics in the past. He is an Army veteran who is proud of his service to his country but is happy to be home for good now with his family and friends. He is a huge nerd and interested in all things sci-fi and fantasy, especially Star Wars. He loves cooking, grilling, griddling, and smoking meat. He cooks outside year-round and doesn’t let the cold stop him. His Hibachi cooking is sought after and receives many requests far and wide. However, he still has room to improve on his spatula tricks, but he can make a perfect onion volcano! He is also empathetic and a problem solver who is always trying to help those in need.

Together we enjoy spending time with family and friends as we both have large families and friend groups that get together often. We host many events at our house for holidays, birthdays, or just for fun. Our large family and friend group are super supportive of our adoption and will welcome our future adopted children with open arms. We also have a dog named Lucy who travels with us everywhere and loves all children she comes across. When we are not hosting events or spending time with our dog we love to travel and explore new places within the United States or internationally. We also enjoy doing medical mission trips abroad. Even though we both have different specialties within healthcare we enjoy working together to provide help wherever we are needed.

As a family we always love and support each other. We have strong communication skills and never argue. We support each other’s goals and help pursue them together. We look forward to bringing a child into this mix and helping them grow to achieve their hopes and dreams.

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