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Adam & Sarai


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our family. We appreciate that your decision is motivated by what is in the best interest of your child. Whomever you choose for your child, we hope your pregnancy and adoption process goes well.

We (Sarai and Adam) have been married 15 years and have two children Aurora (age 4) and Ezekiel “Zeke” (age 2). We teach at the local university. Sarai is in the psychology department and Adam in the honors college. Aurora and Zeke are full of joy, energy, and noise. Current favorite activities include pillow fort construction, story time, and family walks. They are outgoing kids and love to greet passing neighbors and college students (we live close to campus) on our walks. The flexibility of our university positions allows us to be with the kids a lot. Everyday we sit down together for breakfast and dinner. Our children also spend time each week at their grandparents’ nearby alpaca farm, where they have responsibilities like feeding the animals, and (Zeke’s favorite) scooping poop.

We live in a small town with a lot to offer. The kids enjoy music classes, tumble time at a local gym, walks to the library, and Saturday farmer’s market shopping. On Sunday mornings we are in church and we spend Sunday afternoons with the grandparents. Our family highly values hospitality and being a part of the life of the community. Most weeks we have guests (friends, neighbors, students) for at least one meal, and the kids know that we are always ready to share our home with others.

Adoption is one of the most important ways in which we hope to share our home. Much of our family has adopted and since our college dating days we had plans to adopt; it was just a question of when. After experiencing years of infertility we decided to become foster parents. Just before our first foster placement we were surprised to find out Sarai was pregnant. After our daughter Aurora reached the age of two we looked again to fostering and adoption. We were thrilled to have our son Ezekiel placed with us by social services when he was two days old; his adoption was finalized shortly before his second birthday. Through the adoption process we have interacted with several members of Zeke’s birth family. For now, his parents have chosen not to maintain contact, but we remain in contact with his paternal grandmother. In any future adoption we are open to whatever level of contact the birth family desires.

Our kids have been a great source of joy in our home and we are ready to grow our family further. Aurora has started asking when she can have another sister or brother to add to the fun of our home. We hope you will consider allowing us the privilege to add your child to our family through adoption. But no matter which path you choose, we pray that your pregnancy and adoption process goes well.

Best wishes,

Adam and Sarai

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