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The Power of Love

In 2015, a little boy was born in China. He was born with Down syndrome and placed into the care of an orphanage where he lived for three years. In those three years he was given only formula to drink and very little affection, attention, or stimulation to help him grow and develop.

When Billy and Laura Marshall decided to adopt him, he was three-years-old and weighed only 12 pounds. He was lethargic, would not eat, could not hold his head up, and never smiled. Nevertheless, the Marshalls recognized that he was a fighter and named him Asa Courage.

Asa is now five-years-old and has lived with his forever family for two years. With a whole lot of love, medical intervention, and good nutrition, Asa is thriving. He has learned to walk and talk. He has a sparkle in his eyes (and a little mischief!). He loves to laugh and to make others laugh.

“Asa is loved more than he’ll ever know,” said Tami Hudson, CCC pregnancy counselor and adoption case worker, who has assisted with Asa’s adoption and post-adoption visits. “In a world so full of chaos and discouragement, miracles still do happen. I’ve seen one with my own eyes.”

Asa was originally featured in CCC’s Summer 2018 Chronicle.

Pictured: Asa in 2018 at three-years-old (above)

Asa in 2021 (to the right).

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