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Safety & Security for Those Facing Homelessness

Many of the most vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic are those without stable housing.

In just four days in March, CCC's Housing Resource Center in Richmond helped more than 80 individuals move out of tents and into safe shelters and hotels.

"We moved 80 people out of tents and into hotels with access to running water and where they could connect with other community resources. Our staff continued working with individuals by providing case-management services," said Homeless Services Program Manager, Jacob Snow.

In April, May, and June outreach staff continued daily visits with people living on the streets, helping them move into hotels and shelters while also working to connect them with long-term housing solutions.

The Housing Resource Center lobby has also remained open providing daytime shelter from the elements, access to restrooms, phones, the news, food, clothes, care packages, and blankets.

"Throughout the pandemic, our three outreach workers have worked with

over 200 individuals and housed 17 clients. Since January we have found permanent housing for 187 individuals," said Snow.

In June, Outreach Worker, Alyson Saylors helped three individuals move into CCC Housing Corporation affordable apartments.

"Each of the clients was really committed to working with me towards finding and obtaining housing. They are capable and resourceful people who just needed some guidance in finding a place," said Saylors. "It felt incredibly humbling to help them and get them into the next phase of their lives."

In Southwest Virginia, CCC Supportive Housing staff also provided vital services throughout the pandemic.

In April, staff assisted a mother and her adult son who both have significant health problems and are at high risk of contracting COVID-19.

For the past eight years, they had lived in a dilapidated building without running water. CCC's staff helped the family move into a newly-renovated house in a safe neighborhood.

"This is the first time that anyone, anywhere has helped me," said the client. "You changed our lives."

This story was originally published in the Summer issue of Chronicle.

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