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Rewritten Past

As a child in foster care who moved frequently, Taylor sometimes felt hopeless. But when she came to CCC and was placed with a family who loved her and made her feel safe, her hope was restored.

She wrote the following poem as a teenager with renewed hope for a brighter future.

It’s home number four,

And in the beginning I feel as if I’m an injured whale washed upon the shore,

But this home seems to be different,

So now I’m starting to regain my lost spirit,

The Spirit which I lost at age eight,

The age when my life changed and the war of my family was calling my fate,

I was shifted from one family member to another,

And I felt as if I was a Mustang colt searching for a new herd,

But I see no one from one side to the other,

So I’m looking for hope but my vision is blurred,

But this new home is like a reminder of why God put me here,

And anger is something I no longer fear,

I start to dream bigger than ever before,

For my life is changed once more,

But now I know what’s better for me,

And now my life isn’t full of burdens and misery,

And I don’t feel like that lost colt or injured whale any more,

For I’ve closed my past behind a door,

Now my life is starting over,

And I feel as if I’ve picked a lucky clover

For now I’m no longer battered and abused,

Nor am I beaten and refused,

I always felt as if my life was something I would always rue,

But that’s no longer true,

For now I’m nearly grown,

And to people my past is not yet known,

Not the horror or screams,

But just unfolding dreams,

For the hope that I’ve gained from my foster family,

I bring hope to children like me,

I help them feel free.

Taylor's poem is from CCC's collection of archived stories.

Today, Taylor is a creative, artistic adult who is doing well and has a family of her own.

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