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Overcoming Trauma Through Counseling

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Brad entered CCC’s Healthy Relationships Program after he was arrested for violence towards his ex-girlfriend. During his first few group sessions, he was shy and quiet but, little by little, he began to open up. Over time, CCC’s counselor helped Brad make the connection between his family history and his behavior in relationships.

While Brad was in counseling, he began a new relationship with Heather. Brad and Heather have now been together for over a year and describe their relationship as one that is built on respect, trust, and openness─the healthiest relationship that Brad has ever been in.

After Brad completed counseling, he recognized that his history of trauma had played a major role in his choices and he acknowledged that he was ready to begin the work of addressing it in individual therapy. Brad is currently working with one of CCC’s counselors to explore and process his childhood trauma. He is committed to continued personal growth and ending the cycle of violence and trauma.

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