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New Job in Norton

Aaron, a recent college graduate, came to CCC looking for help finding a job. He had worked at a restaurant for three years while going to school part-time. After graduation, he quit his restaurant job, expecting to find a position in his field. Despite his degree in computer network technology, finding work during the pandemic was difficult.

"When we first met, Aaron was very discouraged and frustrated," said Lindsay Lipps, CCC employment navigator. "I reassured him that there will be more opportunities in his field in the future but for now, we decided to modify his job search focus."

Together they explored career options that would work for Aaron.

"After expanding his job search to other areas and reworking his resumé, we were able to find him a job at a well-established local business," said Lipps.

Aaron's new job pays well and offers benefits. He was also able to use skills from his degree to suggest a new bookkeeping and filing system that will be implemented soon. In the short time that he's been with the company, Aaron has already received a raise and sees the

potential for advancement opportunities in the future.

This story was originally published in the Fall issue of Chronicle.

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