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I am a Refugee

Updated: May 19, 2022

by A.S.

My name is A.S. I am 13 years old. I came to the United States 3 years ago by a big plane, lots of miles, from my home country in Asia. I am a refugee because my dad died in battle and I wanted to live with my mom but she was in battle, but I couldn’t live with her, and while waiting to come to America to be safer, she died. I played in the streets of the refugee camp in my country and enjoyed the outdoors but, there was always wars and people with guns and fighting in the streets.

When I go to the United States I went into foster care with my sister. My other sister and brother were older and went into their own home. Living in the United States was so different, it had more food, soft beds, lots of clothes and shoes. I miss my home country sometimes for the memories, the holidays in streets and my friends and family. The United States has become my home, I got new friends, neighbors and I like going to new places. Being a refugee has been hard on me and my family, I think about my family and my people often and worry about them. I have found family here in the United States and still see my sisters and brother here. I have learned English, am learning to read, going to school, playing soccer for a team and being a teenager. I am living a dream here but, I still pray for my family and my country.

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