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From Homeless to High School Graduate

Just after his 18th birthday, John became homeless. Despite his new housing challenges and his ongoing struggle with mental health, John was determined to finish high school.

“He is very persistent and passionate,” said Ashli, John's CCC caseworker. “I knew he could reach his goals, he just needed a little extra support.”

Together, Ashli and John completed the required paperwork needed to enroll John in Permanent Supportive Housing, a program which provides long-term rental subsidy for individuals with disabilities. While they waited for the application to be processed John stayed in a hotel and Ashli provided support and resources necessary to make John's dreams a reality. Ashli helped John apply for and receive disability benefits, food support, and get a student bus pass so he could continue going to school and his part-time job.

"Despite being on his own, balancing school and a part time job, and living with a mental illness, John did it. He graduated from high school," said Ashli. "I am incredibly proud of him and his strength and perseverance."

Not long after graduation John moved into his own apartment where he continues to work and thrive.

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