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National Migration Week

"Each migrant has a name, a face, and a story." - Pope Francis

Pope Francis invites us to be part of a culture of encounter as we welcome, protect, integrate, and promote immigrants and refugees in our midst during National Migration Week and throughout the year.

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This video emphasizes the way the workers were touched and moved by taking time to hear the stories of immigrants and refugees. The warmth and care on their faces showed they in some way became part of those families. The services provided empower these families. It was also powerful to hear how taking time to listen can affect policies that can help or hurt families. I would add that our current and past U.S. policies have in some ways and in some countries contributed to families not having economic opportunity in their own countries and forced to immigrate here. It is almost as if doing this work is not just for those interested in this "cause," it is in man…

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