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Inclement Weather Shelters Close for the Season

On April 15, all three City of Richmond Inclement Weather Shelter sites, including the site run by Commonwealth Catholic Charities (CCC) at 1900 Chamberlayne Avenue, closed for the season.

In response to frigid temperatures, the Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond facilitated a generous gift which enabled CCC to begin shelter operations on December 22, before a contract with the City had been ratified. CCC’s shelter, along with two others operated by United Nations Church and RVA Sisters Keeper, provided a warm overnight space with capacity for unsheltered individuals throughout the coldest winter nights.

Between December and April, CCC’s shelter alone served 494 individuals, 39% of whom report chronic homelessness.

With planning underway for next season and into the future, CCC is proud to continue working with our partners within the Greater Richmond Continuum of Care.

“We are involved in strategic planning, led by Homeward, and we are deeply committed to this service and are optimistic about changes that need to happen within the system in the coming year,” said CEO Jay Brown. “We don't know what service delivery will look like, but we are firmly committed to participating in the ongoing dialogue, advocacy, and programming for the unsheltered in our community.”

For those experiencing homelessness, call the Homeless Connection Line at 804.972.0813 to connect with year-round homeless resources.

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