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Adjusting to a New Life and Culture

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Abdul and Fatima came to Newport News from Afghanistan in August 2021. Their 10 children, six daughters and four sons ranging in ages from five months to 20 years old came with them.

The baby was less than a month old when they were told that they would be airlifted out of Afghanistan.

“I was extremely worried for my baby because he was very young,” said Fatima. “The weather was so hot that he fainted while I was holding him in my arms, passing the crowd to reach the entrance to the airport.”

Although they were very thankful to be safe, they faced many challenges adjusting to living in the United States.

Since their arrival, CCC has helped the family settle into their home, stock their kitchen pantry, buy clothing, and set up their home with furniture and household items. The team also helped enroll the six school-aged children in school.

“The children, particularly the girls, were very enthusiastic about attending school,” said CCC’s School Liaison, Fawzia Maroof. “I know that they are going to thrive academically and socially here.”

Abdul added, “We are still in the process of learning and adjusting to the new culture and new life. I am certainly very happy for coming through the resettlement office and being helped by CCC staff, that is undeniably precious for me and my family.”

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