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Calm After the Storm

Calm After the Storm


Calm After the Storm



Nazira, 19, is from Kabul, Afghanistan. She belongs to an ethnic and highly-persecuted religious group, Shia and Hazara, which have been one of the main targets of the Taliban. Nazira, fled Afghanistan in 2021.

With support of organizations like Commonwealth Catholic Charities, she has been able to pursue her artistic dreams and her paintings have been showcased in multiple venues and platforms. Nazira's art pieces have been hugely inspired by the struggles of brave women of her home country agains the Taliban's unfair, unjust, and inhumane treatment of women. She is optimistic that one day light will prevail over darkness and that the women of Afghanistan will "rise from the ashes" as they always have.


100% of the proceeds of all artwork created by youth in CCC's foster care programs goes to the artist.

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