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Bella Campagna Toscana! Astratta

Bella Campagna Toscana! Astratta


Bella Campagna Toscana! Astratta, 14" x 18", oil on canvas, 2022


James DePasquale

Frequent travels to Italia deeply inspire my work...for Italia is a world of Spectacular Color and Romantic Composition.   And that, therefore, is what my work is all about—Color and Composition as seen in images of Italia.  As an Architect for 45 years my eyes have always soaked in the wonderful colors that surround me, and I am inspired by the harmonious compositions of our built and natural environment...but the discovery of such in Italia ignite a deeper passion within my soul.  And so it is that I begin each oil painting with a prayer that my work will bring joy to all who view COLORI D’ITALIA!



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