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Volunteers Cradle Hope: A Look inside our Baby Clothes Closet

Chris, a former teacher, has logged hundreds of hours at CCC’s Richmond baby clothes closet in the two years that she has been a volunteer. Chris, and the other baby closet volunteers, are integral in maintaining this fully volunteer-staffed service.  


In the past two years Chris has seen a steady increase in families who need extra support. 


“When I first came,” said Chris, “I would be lucky if I had two to three moms come in. Last week, we served 20 families in just one day.” 


So far this year, CCC has served 459 families and given out nearly 1,000 bags of clothes, diapers and wipes.


“We try to give them at least a sleeve of diapers and one baby wipe container per family. The wipes are a commodity that we go through like crazy.” 


Aside from donating her time, Chris has personally donated many boxes of diapers and handmade baby blankets. She also sews on buttons or fixes small holes on donated clothing that needs a little attention.  


Families can come up to four times per calendar year, with at least 30 days in between each visit. Chris and the other dedicated Richmond Baby Clothes Closet volunteers will be there to accept donations and assist families.  


Empty shelves in the baby clothes closet, taken in March of 2024.

Lend Chris and the other volunteers a hand by donating their most-requested items:  

  • baby wipes 

  • diapers (size newborn, 5, 6, and 7) 

  • pull-ups (boys and girls) 

  • newborn swaddle blankets 

  • basics for new moms (washcloths, hooded baby towels, bibs, hats, baby socks/booties, onesies)  

  • toddler pants and tops (2T-5T) 


To learn more about donating, contact Katie Johnson at

Want to Volunteer?

Visit to learn about volunteer opportunities. 

Learn more about the Baby Clothes Closets in Richmond and Roanoke

Written by Sarah Beam, CCC Development Specialist

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