Nick & Charlene


We are Nick and Charlene we are so excited that you are reading our letter. We hope that this letter find you well. Thank you for your unbelievable courage during this time of your life. We cannot even begin to understand the things that you are going through. Just know that we are grateful for your time in getting to know us.


We have been married since 2009. We met at a mutual friend's going away party while we were both in college. Our marriage is one that relies upon communication and togetherness so that when obstacles arise we can overcome them. We get along well with both extended families and our families get along well together.


Our son, Micah, was born in 2015 – he was adopted at birth. We are pursuing adoption again after experiencing infertility. We feel that God had this planned from the beginning – that it was meant for us to grow our family through adoption. God is important to us as individuals and as a family. We go to a local church. Charlene and Micah help clean the church once a week. We have grown in our relationships with our church family and with Jesus. We enjoy learning new things and getting to worship God.

As a family we enjoy going for walks around our neighborhood (it is quiet and does not have much traffic). We like to watch Netflix; some of our favorites are: Marvel's Defenders series, Star Wars The Clone Wars and Rebels. We enjoy reading though we have different tastes in books. Nick likes science fiction, Charlene likes mystery and fiction, and Micah likes Dr. Seuss. We get together with family on a regular basis. Charlene's family lives close by and we see them about once or twice a week. Nick's family lives farther away but we try to make regular visits to see them. Also, we are able to Skype with family that live long distance from us which helps us to stay connected.

Nick works full-time as a software engineer. Charlene is a stay-at-home mom. Charlene and Micah enjoy playing outside, going to play dates and making new friends. They are members of our local MOMS club. We have complete respect for birth families – without you our family would not be possible. We plan to tell our child about being adopted and about his/her birth family from the start. It is important to us that the child knows that God had a special plan for our family. We also want him/her to know how much you love them. We are open to adopting a child of any racial background and we are committed to incorporating the child's birth culture into our family. We live in a community which offers exposure to a variety of races and cultures.

Nick is a caring man. He tries to help out people whenever he can. He has a great love for computers. Most people that know him and have computer problems go to him for advice. He loves to read especially science fiction books. He enjoys playing video games. He is a child at heart. He is a loving husband and father. He gets upset if he hurts someone's feelings. He is a great father. He loves spending time with Micah playing and reading to him. Micah loves when daddy comes home from work and when he is off on the weekends. They tend to the garden and play outside together.

Charlene is a compassionate person. She enjoys being a part of the MOMS Club – getting to make new friends and socialize with other moms. She is organized when it comes to money and paperwork. She likes to cross stitch especially birth announcements for friends and family. She enjoys playing video games and reading. She loves being a stay at home mom to Micah. Watching him grow and learn have been a blessing to her. She likes spending quality time with her family.

Micah loves to be outside and play in water. He is into superheroes and Star Wars. He loves music and to dance. He is a home body and now has a “big boy” room. We have told Micah his birth and adoption stories since he was a baby. He is a very kind and sensitive little boy.

We hope that you have gotten to know us a little better. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for considering us to be part of your child's future.



Nick and Charlene

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