Individual, Family, and Community Counseling

CCC's licensed therapists provide professional, confidential  counseling to individuals, children, couples, and families who need help coping with stress, marriage problems, anxiety, and depression.


We serve many vulnerable and underserved individuals, and are often the voice for children experiencing post-traumatic stress.

CCC provides different payment options and accepts most major insurances.

Individual  Counseling 

Adult Counseling

In individual counseling sessions, our experienced professional counselors meet privately to confidentially discuss life difficulties and help resolve mental health issue like depression, anxiety, emotional pain, or stress. In each session, individuals are given time to talk and receive support to heal. 

Child and Adolescent Counseling

Working with a counselor can be effective when a child begins to isolate themselves, talk less, or exhibit 

negative behaviors towards themselves or others. CCC's child-centered play therapy rooms in Richmond are a supportive place where children can express their feelings and thoughts through play while engaging with their counselor.

Family Counseling 


Couples Counseling 

The stresses of life can strain a relationship and cause hurt feelings and problems communicating. Our experienced counselors can help navigate these issues and repair and rebuild relationships. Even those on the brink of separation or divorce can benefit from the support and clarity of couples counseling.

Parent-Child Counseling

Parent-child relationships can be challenging. No matter what the situation, CCC's professional counselors can help to improve the parent-child relationship. For children ages 2-8, counselors use a research-based attachment assessment to discover trouble areas. Our experienced and skilled counselors will identify the issues and develop clear specific goals to get the relationship back on track. 

Community Counseling


Counseling Forms

Church & School Counseling

Counselors can lead individual or group sessions at our office or at churches and schools to meet the needs of parishioners, staff, students, and parents.


Sliding fees are available.