Group Counseling

Our group counseling sessions are a safe and comfortable space where individuals can express and explore their feelings and behaviors. Each group is lead by one of our professional, experienced counselors. 

Anger Management Group

CCC's Anger Management Group is a 12-week group where participants gain skills to express and manage feelings of anger in healthy ways. We offer day or evening Anger Management groups at the low cost of $20 per class.

Couples Workshops 

CCC offers a variety of couples workshops to support couples in effective communication, resolution of past pains, understanding partners on a deeper level, dealing with the stress of in-laws, finance, parenting, and enhancing intimacy. 

Healthy Relationships Group

This 24-week program teaches new ways of dealing with relationship conflicts. Participants learn ways to handle conflicts and identify feelings, attitudes, and behaviors to prevent escalation and aggression, experience better communication, more control over behaviors, and stronger relationships. 

Classes are $20 each, with a one-time $60 intake assessment fee. 

John School - Breaking the Solicitation Cycle 

John School - Breaking the Solicitation Cycle is a one day class that teaches the impact of  soliciting  and prostitution. CCC counselors facilitate the class with Victim Witness, Henrico Health Department, and attorneys. Class participants learn behavior modification techniques to use in place of solicitation. 

Shoplifting Prevention Class

Shoplifting Prevention is a one day class that addresses the feelings and thoughts that go with shoplifting. Participants will evaluate their choices and the consequences of those choices, and learn to understand the impact that shoplifting has on their lives, their family, and their community.   


Group Counseling Forms

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