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Gifts that Change Lives

When you donate to CCC, you are doing more than giving money. You are changing lives. Your dollars turn into heat, food, transportation, and hope for a brighter future.

Thank you for your gifts.  

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Seniors who want to remain in their own homes often become lonely. Your gift will provide an activity kit and a friendly conversation to an aging adult--tools that will help them avoid isolation and stay safely at home.


Your gift will provide reliable transportation to medical appointments, employment, job interviews, and to the grocery store.

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 In addition to a month of rent and utilities, your gift will give an expectant mom experiencing homelessness access to case management and the critical support both she and her baby need to thrive.

Financial counceling-02.png

Make one-on-one financial education possible to strengthen a household’s financial literacy and stability. Tools provided included a personalized budget, credit repair, and long-term planning. 


Your gift can help a refugee child or a chile enroll in music and sports programs, building their self confidence, social skills, and providing them with a positive way to relieve stress. 

School supplies-03.png

Give 10 children the tools that they need to succeed at school with a backpack filled with essential school supplies. Your gift will equip children for success now and later in life! 


Provide a family with nutritious groceries for six weeks. Not only will your gift feed a hungry family but it will also provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing there will be food on the table tomorrow. 

Healthy relationships-04.png

You can provide six months of healthy relationship counseling sessions to an individual who is learning to identify unhealthy behaviors and prevent domestic violence and abuse. 

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