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Hello, I'm Mara! Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.

There is nothing I want more than to be a mom, and I have always been drawn to adoption. I can remember, as a child, learning about adoption and immediately knowing that one day, when it was time for me to start my family, I would do so through adoption. I am so looking forward to adopting as a single mom. I love the idea of having a child who does not have to compete with anyone or anything for my attention. As a single mother, I will do everything I can to ensure my child knows beyond a doubt that they are loved and cherished.

I plan to teach my child the Christian values of love and grace. I hope to instill in them empathy for others and an understanding that everyone has their own story and struggles. I will raise my child to understand that it is okay to make mistakes and encourage them to have the bravery to face their mistakes and try new things. My child will know that our family values love, safety, and acceptance.

I am a social worker and work with Veterans struggling with PTSD and substance use disorder. While I love my job, I also appreciate that I can leave work at work to focus on my personal life outside of work hours. This allows me to focus on the things I love, like my family, pets, photography, exploring new places, and kayaking.

I live in the perfect location to raise a child. My community is small, where everyone waves as they drive by, and where there is plenty of space for a child to run and explore. I live five minutes from a lake and five minutes from a river, so summers are spent on the water. The area provides so many opportunities for a child to explore, try different activities, and discover who they are.

Please know that I am glad to answer any additional questions you may have. You come to this place in your life with your own unique interests and desires for what you want your adoption to look like; please know that I recognize this is a huge decision for you, and regardless of what happens in the end, I hope that you can feel peace about the decision you make. As a parent, I promise that your child’s happiness and well-being will be my number one priority in life. I promise to maintain contact with you to the extent you desire, and I promise that your child will know about you as they grow and understand their story.

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