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Katie & Spencer

First and foremost, we want to thank you for taking a few moments in getting to know us. Our decision to adopt pales in comparison to the decision you are making to possibly put your child up for adoption. We can only imagine what you are facing and we just want you to know that you are truly an inspiration and an incredibly loving parent and human being to be considering this path.

A bit about us - we are Katie and Spencer and we already consider ourselves extremely lucky to be parents to our son, Carter. We both grew up in Virginia and we have been married for over eleven years. Prior to adopting our son, we spent years trying to get pregnant with no success. So after several unsuccessful fertility treatments, we decided that we were ready to move forward with adoption. We feel like the reason we were put on this planet was to become parents who raise happy, vibrant, and loving children that will grow into mature, responsible and caring adults.

Spencer is a counselor and an art therapist who works with teenagers that are dealing with emotional problems and addictions. Katie is a buyer in the automotive business. But Katie’s favorite ‘job’ is being Carter’s mother. Growing up, Katie spent years babysitting and volunteering in kindergarten classrooms. Spencer works with teens every day and loves being a father. Carter is so very excited to become a big brother.

As far as interests go, Katie loves to paint and draw and is occasionally hired to create custom artwork. Spencer also loves to paint and actually gets to incorporate creative activities at his job with his clients. Carter loves inventing games and making arts and crafts. We all really like being outside exercising whether we are playing basketball, walking, biking or swimming. We also enjoy going on several trips each year to explore new places.

We are people who believe that life should be fun and full of laughter. When faced with hard times, we find that humor makes things a little bit easier. We love sharing laughs with our families and friends and we’re very lucky to have them nearby. They are all very excited about our decision to grow our family.

We have a lot of love and respect for each other and adore our son, Carter. We aim to raise our children in an engaging and supportive environment where they feel self-assured and loved. As parents, one priority for us is to lead by example in showing our children the importance of giving back to others and to those who are less fortunate. Given that we are a transracial family, we find it extremely important that our children know and are proud of their cultural and ethnic heritage.

Please know that if you select us to become the adoptive family of your child, we promise to show them just as much love as you are showing by considering adoption. We will provide them with a stable home in a quiet neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia, where they will be surrounded by lots of kids, family and friends. All we want to do is help them become the person they want to be. We want your child to fully understand how much you love them as we’ll always be open and honest about adoption. You will truly be making our dreams come true and we’ll never be able to thank you enough.

May you find peace in whatever you decide and know that we are thinking of you.


Katie and Spencer

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