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Wayne & Ginny

First, we’d like to thank you for considering adoption. We understand your situation is likely filled with stress and much uncertainty. The fact that you are caring for this child by considering adoption as an option is so admirable. No matter your choice from here, we will keep you and your child in our prayers.
My husband and I each, independently, have wanted to adopt since before we even started dating. Adoption has always been important to us and has become just as important to our two daughters. We have family members and friends who were adopted, and this has allowed us to see firsthand just how unique each child’s journey is, but also how God uses adoption in such a beautiful way. As we plan for the future, no matter if it is the plan for tomorrow or next Summer’s vacation, our daughters are quick to bring up their future younger sibling to make sure every plan accounts for ALL possible family members. Our entire family is enthusiastic and excited to welcome another sibling into our home to love, to simply do life together, share experiences with, and begin making memories.
We’d love for you to have the opportunity to get to know us better by taking a look at the photobook we’ve put together containing additional pictures and information on our family, lifestyle, and home. Catholic Charities has a copy on file at each Virginia office so please reach out as we would love to share more with you so that you’re able to move forward in your decision-making process with as much peace and comfort as possible. Again, we appreciate so much your consideration of adoption and also our family.

Wayne & Ginny

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