Tim & Jess

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves, and for considering adoption. It is with a great mix of hope and excitement we tell you a little more about us, but we recognize it is with equally powerful emotions in which you read this. We are praying for every expectant mother who comes across our profile - including you.

Our journey to start a family hasn’t been a traditional one. We have so much love to give and have always wanted to be parents. Through several unsuccessful fertility treatments, God has taught us to be patient and to have faith - lessons that can be extremely difficult and at times heartbreaking. But in the midst of all the challenges, we’ve seen His hand at work in some pretty amazing ways—including our path to pursue adoption.

Jessica is an Emmy-award winning writer who gave up a career in television news producing to be able to spend more time with her family. She now does marketing for her local tourism office which includes writing press releases, creating web content, and posting to social media. She absolutely loves cooking and testing new recipes; exploring the community with their friends kids; and shopping at her local farmers market most Saturdays. Jess enjoys everything about autumn, is a proud Virginia Tech alumna, and is a sucker for cheesy Hallmark movies.

Tim is a delivery executive for a computer software company and has his Masters in Business Administration from Cambridge. He is a whiz at computers and all technology. He can generate random movie quotes on the fly and has the cheesy dad jokes down pat. Tim is an expert at navigating travel since he does it so often for his job and loves to take vacations. Tim loves Snoopy memorabilia, popping his own movie theater popcorn, and putting together Christmas trains every year.

We come from a big animal loving family and our pups have grown up pampered and adored and we can't wait to watch them play, protect, and love our son or daughter one day!

As parents, we vow to love your child unconditionally and to reinforce that powerful love started with you. Your child would grow up in a home filled with hope, laughter, and encouragement where we will support his or her dreams and ambitions.

We appreciate the opportunity to share our story with you!

God Bless,
Tim & Jess


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